Florida Is A Great State To Get To Know

Great State

Florida is just one of the Gulf Coast states, yet it’s also one of the many states along the eastern coastline as well. This should already be signifying to you that Florida isn’t a state like the rest. It’s long and slender extension out into the ocean opens up a whole new world to people. Think of the cities you’ve been to that has blown your mind. You could have that story time and time again visiting different cities throughout the state of Florida.

Think about all the wildlife you can find there. You can go the easy route and take whatever tours are available in the different areas you choose. Have you ever dreamed of touring the Everglades with all of the alligators? That scares me a little, but it does sound like a unique adventure. You can imagine that Florida is home to some great zoos, too, as well as many other types of great attractions dealing with nature.

Now think about all of the sports teams there and the games you could catch. If you like baseball as much as I do, Spring Training is held there every year. That would be a great time to visit, getting up close and personal with all of the stars of the game. It’s a more relaxed way of enjoying the game before the season starts, and that’s all courtesy of Florida.

Are you an avid fisherman? You’ve got a ton of coastal fishing destinations, again many along the Gulf and then many along the Atlantic coastline. You can go out on the ocean with a saltwater fishing guide for many unique experiences, and just think about the different types of fish out there. Is pier fishing your thing? There are plenty of fishing piers along the Florida coastline.

There are plenty of military bases in the state of Florida as well. The state is great for holiday vacation travel, and it’s always a hot spot for summer fun. Just watch how much sun you take in because while Florida is known for its afternoon summer showers, it gets quite hot there with all of that humidity. Florida is a great place to enjoy all of those beach activities, and it’s also a great place to enjoy some fresh seafood and many other types of dishes. It’s easy to enjoy the state of Florida considering all the fun to be had.